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We help law firms do more and better for their clients. We recognize that law firms have unique cultures and varying goals. Regardless of where your firm is at on its innovation journey, there are three key steps to taking your services to the next level: Educate, Source, and Execute. We can help your firm with one of these, or all three:


We educate lawyers on the tools and techniques available in today’s market that can help them practice more efficiently, improve service delivery, and ultimately provide more value to clients. We also provide context for why it’s important, in today’s competitive legal market, to differentiate through service delivery innovation, offer advice informed by data, and design systems to handle legal work more efficiently.


The investments you make in service delivery innovation should be informed by what clients want and expect from their law firms. Identifying the right initiatives to tackle should start with gathering client feedback and insights. We help you have conversations with clients to draw out some of the greatest business and legal challenges they face, understand their operational challenges and priorities, and develop a better understanding of the context within which they work. This is not your typical client feedback program – the goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of your clients’ needs to inform your strategic direction and investments, not just a look-back at how your firm performed on a set of discrete legal projects.

There are also great ideas within your firm – we help you draw those out and identify the most impactful places to make investments.


We don’t just help you source the most strategic opportunities, we help you execute on them. Do you lack the team to get those projects done? Or does your existing team lack the bandwidth – or the skills – to do the job? We serve as a flex-up team to execute on those initiatives that you wouldn’t otherwise get to. We work with your lawyers to gather client insights, your IT staff to develop a solution, your HR department to recruit contract help, your Marketing department to tell the story, and your BD team to scale and sell the solution.


Who We Are

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Kate White has focused her career on the business side of law. Coming up in an AmLaw 200 environment, Kate saw opportunities for law firms to do better for their clients, innovate services to stand out from competitors, and win business. This is what drove Kate to contribute to Davis Wright Tremaine’s innovation effort, helping shape the investment and marketing strategy that founded DWT De Novo, an effort that has led to the firm’s recognition as ILTA’s Innovative Law Firm of the Year two years in a row.

Kate’s strength is helping you bring in the voice of your clients to identify the most strategic opportunities, execute, and then communicate those stories and successes to enhance your brand. She has a J.D. from Seattle University School of Law and is a believer in applying design thinking mindsets and techniques to transform your services and delight your clients.

Despite having no formal legal education, Andy Peterson can tell you a lot about cable franchise agreements, international banking regulatory issues, pre-litigation employment claims, and issues involving subscribers to the USAC Lifeline Program, among other discrete areas of the law. That’s because he’s spent the last eight years throwing himself into designing better experiences for law firm clients: more transparent, more collaborative, and more efficient, where decision-making is driven by data as much as by gut feeling.

Andy is proud of how he and his peers took innovation at DWT from a collection of grassroots projects, to a firm-supported initiative for internal improvement, and finally to a client-focused effort to drive revenue, client loyalty, and brand awareness.

Today, Kate and Andy are excited for the next chapter: bringing their experience, in designing innovative legal solutions and engaging with clients, to help other firms who are looking to create more valuable client relationships – or to just get started.

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At the recent International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference, Andy sat down for ILTATV to talk about how law firms can get started on their innovation journey.

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