Leveraging large survey datasets with Tableau

I spoke on an LMA Tech West panel about “Innovative New Law Firm Products” in San Francisco on 10/5. Alongside innovators from Fenwick & West and Littler Mendelson, I  showcased a model for using data analytics to turn a ton of regulatory information into visually compelling and easy-to-digest work product.

I use Tableau Software to visualize the results of large survey projects (think 50-state surveys). By mixing the narrative responses (qualitative data) with a simple number rating of 1-5 for the regulatory risk associated with those narratives, I can use Tableau to show a heat map of regulatory risk across the country or around the world. The user can then select states or countries that are shaded red, for high risk, and can drill in to read the relevant narrative describing the risk.

We did this project with a law firm on behalf of their international banking client, so I can’t show you the real thing. But I’ve worked up a quick sample with different data and narrative, to give you an example with which you can actually interact. You can check that out on my Tableau Public site.


Dashboard 2

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